What is Keyword Research in Digital Marketing?

Keyword research is often the first step of a digital marketing campaign. Finding the appropriate keywords for your business is a very important and helpful procedure in digital marketing.

In this post, we will learn what keyword research is and the challenge to find the best keywords for your business.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is to discover the search terms(Keywords) that are typed in the search engines by people who are seeking information online.
Understanding what kind of terms users use when searching for a service or products that are similar to yours will help attracting the right audience to your business.

Challenges for the Keyword Research

Though the nature of keyword research is pretty straightforward, there are some challenges to successfully finding the right keywords that help you.

The first step is to know what kind of keywords are actually being searched. This can be done by using tools like Keyword Planner but also by brainstorming what YOU would type into your search engines if you are looking for information about a specific topic. However, finding the appropriate keywords for your marketing campaign isn’t that simple. 

  • Search Volume

Search volume is a metric that tells you how many times users search particular keywords per month. High Volume keywords are popular keywords and many people use them to find something similar to your services or products. But there might be high competition with other websites.

  • Competitor

As mentioned above, high-volume keywords are popular. However, general (broad) keywords might also have high competition.  To win the competition with other similar websites, you might want to brainstorm and find keywords that are specific to your service but still have a high volume. For example, if you are selling chairs for children under 5, the keyword “chair” isn’t a good keyword since it is a high volume and not specific enough to your product. Better keywords could be “chair for kids” or “chair for kids under 5”. Being specific in the keywords will exclude some of your competitors.

  • Web page and its relevance

Though keywords are important, you need to know how you should use them. Using the same keywords excessively on a webpage could cause the search engine to judge your website as a bot and will decrease your chance to be recognized as a good website to show in the results. Same as using random keywords that are popular but are irrelevant to your website. 

To maximize the result of your digital marketing effort and to gain more views, you need to choose keywords carefully by balancing the search volume and competition, while also being relevant to your service and product. 

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