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What is Digital Marketing?

I am sure you’ve been hearing the term “digital marketing” thrown out in the conversation. With the rapid spread of the internet, various websites, blogs, videos, and SNS are used daily in our life.

According to a report published in April 2023 by Data Reportal, Over 5.18 billion people around the world are now active users of the internet, and the way we do anything -stream, listen, shop- has changed drastically. In the modern life of online, offline marketing cannot be the only way to bring people into the business. Digital marketing is one of the crucial ways to survive in any industry.

What is Digital Marketing really?

The term “digital marketing” (also called online marketing) in a nutshell is any promotion of a brand, company, and even individuals that involves digital communication. This includes not only emails, websites, and SNS, but also any texts and multimedia communication.

The goal of digital marketing is to reach and engage with more potential customers and it focuses on how each channel can convert the prospects. Most businesses use more than one platform but it depends on their marketing strategies.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers businesses numerous advantages. Here are general benefits to start digital marketing.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Results are easily measurable
  • Able to target specific audience
  • Wide interaction with the audience
  • Able to reach customers on every step of their purchase
  • Easy to adopt

It is fairly easy to get started with digital for anyone, regardless of the size of the business. It can also target a very specific audience and is easy to measure the results while being cost-effective compared to previous marketing methods. It is a great way to start reaching out to a wider audience your business needs and to get involved in communication with them.

Rapidly growing channels for digital marketing

Although there are many tactics in digital marketing, there are some tactics that show significant growth in digital marketing.

  • Influencer marketing – With the increase in population on social media and other online platforms, collaborating with people who have significant followers on the online platforms can have a huge impact.
  • Video marketing – This is a powerful way to leverage the engaging and persuasive nature of videos to educate people with information, create emotional connections and influence people’s behavior.
  • AI-driven marketing – AI is applied to marketing to collect, analyze, and interpret vast data and personalize content to the customers.

Having digital marketing integrated into your business strategies can acerate the results both short and long term.